Ty Govaars is a creative entrepreneur and visual artist based out of Austin, TX.

Inspired by travel and adventure, her current work explores places shaped and formed over time by water, wind and forces of nature greater than ourselves.  

Her photography has been featured by brands such as Conde Nast Traveler, Goop, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Afar, Matador Network and Lonely Planet. 

Ty is also a travel blogger and influencer who utilizes cutting edge digital media and content strategy to build engaging brand experiences. She has been featured as a travel expert by Pinterest, Wendy Perrin, Tripadvisor, Herschel Supply and Spot. 

As one of the founders of Euphoria festival, she has a great love for music, community and her home of Austin, TX.  When she isn't traveling, Ty specializes in digital marketing and content creation, and helps build engaging brand experiences for clients around the world.

Follow on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter @tygovaars for updates on new print releases and travel inspiration. 

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